unique designs with traditional tuners that do not require special strings, but make the whole variety of strings usable. 24 frets on guitars as basses, easy within reach.


no guitar weighs more than 2.5 kg
and no bass more than 3.3 kg.

pat. Tip/Head

mounting of the ballends and optimal coupling of the vibrations into the neck. Low mass to reduce deadspots.

asymmetrical, trapezoidal neck profile

strongly rounded, asymmetrical trapezoidal profile that offers the thumb optimal contact surface in every position

lean against

my instruments can be placed or leaned against the wall, your amp, or whatsoever without a stand. Due to the design, they stand straight and safe.

lying down

lying down is also possible without any problems, since the wings of the tuners are in the body, safe from detuning.

neck-through design

from laminated strips. Consisting of different woods for individual sound shaping and rigidity.

custom tuner buttons

special barrel-shaped buttons for precise, easy operation

Carbon fiber stiffened neck

in combination with the locked glued neck, two carbon fiber neck rods provide additional support against twisting.

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